Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why sociobiological adjustments of sex, aggression and compassion is the sacred path

To seriously consider genetic as well as cultural adjustments requires a more austere discipline, made more difficult by not being considered politically correct at this time, as cultural Marxism continues to lead modern culture, in spite of its failures. In addition to advocating positive genetic and cultural improvements in intelligence and health, the three adjustments of emotions which Raymond Cattell centered on in his science-religion of  Beyondism were sex, aggression and compassion. Cattell believed these things could be changed through genes and culture. That is, changing such things as the kind of psychopathic aggression that is simply incapable of learning, or adjusting the short term types of compassion which seemingly help people in the short term but does much damage in the long term. 

Cattell divided the ethical system of any group into two parts: “universal” ethical rules necessary for any group to survive, and the “particular” ethical values of a particular group. Cattell wanted to have international research centers to support sociobiology research in these important areas.

I think the Church also needs to be involved in this research since the sacred goal of long term evolution is Godhood. We believe that the Godhood of evolution is the God first glimpsed only inwardly by the great religions. Godhood is now seen as attained through material and supermaterial evolution. Furthermore, the material world is activated by the Spirit-Will with the goal of attaining Godhood, and then the material world is shaped by evolution.

This is the religious-scientific sacred narrative of the future. In order to attain Godhood in evolution we will need to sociobiologically adjust sex, aggression and compassion through genes and culture, similar to what Cattell suggested, but with the sacred goal of evolving to Godhood. Godhood is the supermaterial absolute of intelligence, beauty and merit, attained through evolution. But this needs to be a voluntary mission, without coercion, applied to all humanity, living in their natural, bonded groups. Real compassion can help adjust downward trending groups before their extinction or cultural death.

Although some people will want to avoid such sociobiological ethical demands, it is the groups with the higher demands who survive in the long run. Sparta is not my ideal state but Cattell reminds us that austere Sparta defeated the more permissive Athens after 20 years.  We have many thousands of years to go, if we can survive.

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