Monday, August 20, 2012

Mixing science, poetry and religion

Raymond Cattell rightly warned against combining science and poetry, using the example of the hatred of Karl Marx for the middle class which strongly influenced his house of cards economics.

The emotional satisfaction of identifying the Father Within, or God Within of traditional religion with the Godhood attained at the zenith of material evolution is such a combination of science and poetry. If such a dynamic were not real, and it is real, it would be brilliant and practical to invent it.

Such emotional bonding as the Twofold Path can enhance and encourage our successful survival and evolution out into the cosmos, while avoiding the radical revolutionary break from traditional religion.

But the fact is, we do claim idealism and faith at this time as necessary to see and know the zenith of evolution as Godhood, and to see the Spirit-Will as activating life, which is then shaped by evolution.

This does not need to contradict science, or future science, which is why it is such a powerful poetic synthesis.

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