Saturday, August 04, 2012

Why humanity needs religion

Nietzsche made the remark that people would have the void as purpose rather than have no purpose, and he also talked about people becoming nihilistic if they had no religion. Nietzsche considered this a sign of weakness in people.

Philosophy and science did not successfully fill the void of lost religion. The big picture was missing, and emotional holism, moral direction, and harmony was missing. Modern humanity tried to fill the void with consumerism, food, sex, drink, movies, but these did not make them feel satisfied with their lives. Nihilism followed.

The reason people would rather have the void as purpose rather than have no purpose is not because they are weak or slaves, as Nietzsche suggested, it is because sacred purpose is built into the deepest zenith of our instincts, as the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood that drives material life to evolve to Godhood, which is then shaped by natural evolution. This is the base of revitalized religious philosophy for humanity.

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