Thursday, August 09, 2012

Regarding the traditional proof of God

It may be an original theological concept that the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood contains both the cause and goal of life, since the Spirit-Will is what activates material life and does so because it seeks the goal of Godhood. The Spirit-Will is never separate from the material which it activates so there is never a single, non-material, spiritual cause.  

I do not see an unmoved, non-material God as the cause of the world, the Primary Material is periodically activated by the Primary Spirit-Will from which there is no separation, and there is always an endless evolution to Godhood, with many “failures” and fewer successes, and always with new chances. It seems just as likely that there never is, or was, a “first cause” or a “one” thing first moving another thing, things may reasonably go on forever, being moved by the Spirit-Will, and then shaped by evolution.

The two remaining “occult” entities in what I consider a naturalistic pattern are the activating Spirit-Will and Godhood at the zenith of evolution, which I believe will one day be acknowledged and defined by science---for now they require “faith” and intellectual intuition.

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