Friday, August 10, 2012

How Christianity and Ordered Evolution are Compatible

Sir Arthur Keith said that “The law of Christ is incompatible with the law of evolution---as far as the law of evolution has worked hitherto.” This is like the dilemma St. Thomas Aquinas faced, when the exhuming of Aristotle's Reason seriously threatened to topple the faith of Christianity.

The Twofold Path in the Theoevolutionary Church makes Christianity compatible with evolution by seeing the Inward God, or the Father Within of Christianity, as the first intuitive glimpse of the Outward Godhood attained through material-supermaterial evolution in the cosmos.

But this compatibility is not done simply as strategy, this is knowing that historical and religious reality require a long term Ordered Evolution to Godhood, which combines the importance of Conservatism and Ordered Evolution with progressive evolution.

The Inward God of Christianity is reached by blocking the mammalian instincts, by blocking “all the desires of the flesh,” (not dissimilar to the inward God of eastern religions), whereas the Outward Godhood is reached by affirming and sublimating the drives of biological evolution toward Godhood.

Higher civilizations manage to redirect mammalian instincts in more spiritual directions, and the zenith of the instincts, the Spirit-Will, seeks to activate material life to evolve to Godhood.  The Outward Path is like swimming downstream in the current of life, the Inward Path is like swimming upstream as an ascetic against the currents of life.  These two streams are made compatible when the ascetic Inward God is seen as the  precursor to Outward Godhood attained through evolution.

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