Sunday, August 19, 2012

Affirming progress and order in theological materialism

Religious naysayers against “progress” have been right some of the time but not all of the time. Marxism and fascism were brutal negative examples which scared off conservative intellectuals, as well as secular humanists, and biased them against ideas of natural progress.

The naysayers have been wrong on both religious and scientific grounds in attacking the idea of progress. There has been collective progress not only in human culture but in human evolution, which can also bring forward a teleological or utopian worldview, in the goal of evolving outwardly all the way to the Godhood  first glimpsed inwardly in traditional religions.

The religious naysayers have therefore been blocking progress toward the very Godhood they champion by blocking the idea of material and supermaterial evolution to real Godhood. Conservatism requires a Revitalized Conservatism that emphasizes the evolution in Ordered Evolution rather than order without evolution.

Theological materialism is the successor to both religious naysayers against progress, and naturalistic secularized science. Theological materialism is grounded in the the idea of progress within order, while it gives philosophical naturalism and evolution a sacred foundation. This is original, modern, religious philosophy still tied to tradition in the Twofold Path. 

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