Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Future Is Permitted

Huxley's “Brave New World” has intimidated people for long enough, the future is okay.  Ethical responsibility is possible, and likely, regarding future scientific developments.

Conservatism can believe in Ordered Evolution, radicalism is not necessarily connected to “progress.” Desacralization need not happen.

It was wrong for Mill, Marx and Darwin to more or less slay theology and metaphysics. It would have been better to adapt man's place in nature to to both religion and science.

Philosophical naturalism is not the premise to work with, theological materialism is, which includes both philosophical naturalism and theology. Theological materialism is the successor to theology, by synthesizing philosophical naturalism and theology.

There are “unintended consequences” in life, but that should not doom us to moldy corners afraid to move out into the air. It takes a little courage but courage is a vital virtue.  Real compassion requires a longer term perspective.

We can define positive pluralism and negative pluralism, with positive pluralism embracing completely natural group selection and small states, within light federations, whereas negative pluralism bemoans the so-called relativism of pluralism apparently preferring a uniform humanity. We are all evolving to Godhood in our own way, and we certainly are capable of assisting one another along the way.

It is time not to be afraid of the idea of progress. Comte and Cattell's idea of progress attached to theological materialism can lead evolution to Godhood. God remains much the same, but the inward God of the great religions is hypertrophied and revitalized into outward Godhood, with life activated by the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, shaped by natural evolution, and reached through material and supermaterial progress into the future.

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