Friday, August 03, 2012


“Human reason does not exclude the merit of faith, but is a sign of greater merit.” St. Thomas Aquinas

It is the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood that leads “faith,” not human reason, but there is an elegant harmony between reasoned and empirical materialism and the activation of materialism by the Spirit-Will, which pleases both faith and reason.

The elegance in itself is important in finding the truth behind the patterns of existence. Without first seeing an elegant pattern, reason has little structure to examine, inelegance seems more unrealistic or unnatural, although we have to be careful here that we are not biased in our preference for seeing elegant patterns.

The most elegant pattern is seen in the Spirit-Will activating material life to evolve---shaped by natural evolution---to the supermaterial Godhood first glimpsed by the great religions, which harmonizes faith and reason, religion and science, past and future.  

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