Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Religion and Psychology

Religion has been looked at by psychology as having spiritual values arrived at from the sublimation's of instinctual (ergic) frustrations, eg. sex and aggression frustrations. This seems largely true, with a vital exception. I believe that the foundational instinct, the Zenith of the Instincts, is the Spirit-Will which activates material life before life is shaped by evolution.

That is, religion and culture arise from the sublimation of instinctual frustrations, which has a sort of negative tone, but religion and culture also arise more deeply from the positive activation of the Spirit-Will, which essentially defines life itself.

Psychology and science in general have not acknowledged this sacred activating base beneath religion and biological life, they acknowledge only random evolution seeking survival success for the sake of survival success, with no long-term religious goal of Godhood.

This makes the ECC more a religion than a psychology, and this separates us from such great influences as Raymond Cattell and E. O. Wilson.

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