Friday, August 17, 2012

Argument for Godhood

All living things act in a way attempting to attain survival and reproductive success. Taking this dynamic to its highest analogy, living things essentially seek to attain survival and reproductive success in an eternal or near-eternal way, and this highest success is called Godhood. Natural evolution is the path of this seeking eternal success in survival and reproduction, and the Spirit-Will-To Godhood is the activating engine of material life, which evolution shapes.

Does Godhood therefore preexist in the Spirit-Will which activated life to evolve to Godhood? Godhood is the desire of the Spirit-Will, the Spirit-Will seeks Godhood, the Spirit-Will is not Godhood. The Spirit-Will requires material evolution as its vehicle to arrive at its supreme goal of Godhood. Many attempts at evolving to Godhood in the cosmos were not successful, but there are always new chances in the Primal Beginnings of many cosmos.

This suggests that there is only one kind of material reality. The mental and mathematical-Platonic live within the material realities of our minds alone. Even the Soul exists at the Zenith of our minds as the condition of bliss reached when our minds and bodies are emptied of all desires of the flesh.

Even the Spirit-Will which activates material life lives within material life requiring material life to evolve to Godhood. It is not yet clear if the Spirit-Will can reach beyond the material body, but I doubt it can, other than through material and supermaterial reproduction.

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