Thursday, April 04, 2013

Religion and Promethean Art

We can have a creative relationship between religion and art, which is what happened in Ancient Greece and Medieval Catholicism, and this can save art from the truly inferior modern art of the past 100 years. We will need to endure the long and heroic trials of our long evolution to Godhood in the cosmos and art will help us endure.

Nietzsche thought art and religion arise from the same impulse that nature employs to make our existence bearable and help us survive (and this was long before sociobiology). But our evolution to Godhood is not merely a powerful illusion to help us survive and evolve (although it can help survival), this evolution is based in material and supermaterial religion and science, bringing art and science together.

Our evolution to Godhood must be considered an even greater mission than creating individual geniuses, which Nietzsche thought was what made Greek culture great (see "The Republic of Genius"). Our evolution can bring new Promethean art into our evolutionary religion, which we do need in our devolving and degenerate world---our desperation may lead us to it. The primary task of our religion is greater than the Greeks, which certainly sounds grandiose yet is necessary, that is, the continuous evolution of great beings in great cultures all the way to Godhood, the Godhood first seen only inwardly by the great religions.

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