Monday, April 01, 2013

An evolving world that outlaws plundering imperialism of any type

Being born biologically different seems like an injustice only to those who hold the bogus views of modern liberalism. Variety and biological differences give us the chance for beneficial mutations to aid society and to advance our evolution toward Godhood.

It makes sense on many levels to reward those who are able to help society more than to aid those who do not, although we need to have equality before the law in initial opportunities when we start out---talent can come from anywhere---and we need to have a way to help the less fortunate.

If we are to have a world that respects different regions, different states, a world which outlaws plundering imperialism of any type, be it race, state or culture, then all groups need to evolve in their own way.  And they can cooperate in this evolution.

A world of thousands of small states, or ethnostates, cooperating under a light federalism, advised by sociobiology, guided by evolutionary religion, is the right and sure future for mankind. While no system will ever be perfect, all other schemes seem to lead to far more dysgenic wars and much more biological and cultural decline.

Since reason, science, intellectual intuition, evolutionary religion, and healthy nature affirm it, how long will it take for this worldview to rise? One hopes it will rise while the earth is still livable.

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