Sunday, September 30, 2012

Peace, but with competition

Traditional religion and its political imitators have demanded peace by more or less seeking to end competition, which is like pulling human nature up by the roots---it has never created long-term peace. Mystics have even demanded that we block all our desires to attain peace.

Competition will not go away, it is the foundation of evolution and the creator of many biological and social actions. Without competition there would be few ethics because ethics were largely created to help groups survive and reproduce successfully in the world against competing groups.

Some avant-garde transhumanists have transformed the negative idea of hedonism, or the Hedonistic Pact, into ending competition and even ending all struggle. However, competition is vital to the very evolution transhumanist's seem to promote. Genetic engineers of the future will be driven by the same competitive drives. The creation of cyborg monsters can even be a man-made blockade of real evolution or a blocking of competing people or worldviews.

The realistic way to proceed into the future is to spend our time developing cooperative competition which does not end evolution. When the Outward Path of evolution to Godhood is understood then competition can be seen as a part of divine evolution. Human nature is more capable of cooperative competition than it is capable of total peace and hedonism, because both cooperation and competition are part of our deepest nature, and a vital part of evolution.

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