Monday, September 17, 2012

Helping nature evolve

Nature appears to be aiming at more than numbers or mere survival, there seems to be a teleological goal of evolution to Godhood. But evolution is shaped by many events and our evolution to Godhood will not be as consistent if human beings are not aware of the goal. Random events can shape evolution. The Spirit-Will which activates life is like a compass with a goal, and it will be more difficult or less consistent to find the goal without the compass, that is, without being conscious of the Spirit-Will and its goal.

Since man can be aware of nature's ultimate goal we should try to create the social conditions that aid in this realization. But what is called for is not necessarily an aristocratic political system to attain individual genius, and not necessarily a racial national system for a particular ethnic group, and not a socialist system with the highest numbers, what is called for is a evolutionary political system to evolve successive species upward all the way to Godhood.

The universal path moves beyond individuals or ethnic groups, although these particular things need to be protected stopping-off places along the way, where positive cultural-genetic advancements can be absorbed before evolving forward. Finally, it is the Church which can retain these evolutionary values for all people, no matter what political system is in place.

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