Friday, September 07, 2012

Faith and Science In First and Last Things

Can we trust mathematical claims regarding things unseen? Can we trust the claims of faith of things unseen? The speculations of mathematics and science, and the faith of religion can lead to defining real things empirically, but they need to be thought of as speculation and faith until they are defined as real things by science. The growth of human knowledge seems to have been a balance between faith and science with faith leading the way and science eventually giving the empirical foundation for faith, or not.

We can define the highest “good” as Godhood. We can also say that Godhood contains the highest beauty, intelligence, and merit, plus every other highest thing. But this leads to the question, is there ever a final highest good or a final highest Godhood? The answer to this is: no. Life evolves endlessly. The purpose of the world is to evolve to Godhood and this purpose would be lost if a final Godhood was reached, then with no reason to create the world, unless the world was created for the purpose of a secondary God reaching Godhood, which is a Gnostic sort of understanding.

The world appears to be created by the Primal Material which seeks Godhood, and the Primal Material is activated by the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, and then basic life is shaped by outside evolution. The Spirit-Will remains an unknown force within this worldview, yet science will one day define this force empirically. Belief comes first, proof comes later, but both proof and faith need to be applied. 

The positive thought is that we will know more about the speculations of faith and science regarding the reality of first and last things the higher we evolve.

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