Saturday, September 29, 2012

Synthesizing various fields

In art, Evolutionary Realism affirms the classical appeal to the universal with realism, and the Romantic appeal to the individual in the evolutionary.

Order and evolution are synthesized in the principle of Ordered Evolution in political philosophy, and also in Revitalized Conservatism. Change is not revolutionary but ordered and evolutionary. The universal is affirmed in all people seen as evolving to Godhood, and the individual is affirmed in specific groups doing so at their own independent pace in their own regions and states.

The Twofold Path synthesizes the Inward God of tradition with the Outward Godhood of evolution. We evolve outwardly to the Godhood first seen as the Father Within.

Theological materialism synthesizes the spiritual and the material with the supermaterial, which can also bring together religion and science.

The sociobiology of Wilson and Cattell, which is still being born, needs to be expanded from science to the humanities, and religion needs to unblock the Great Spiritual Blockade of evolution to Godhood, before the synthesis of the Theoevolutionary Church will be fully appreciated.

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