Monday, September 10, 2012

Several lifetimes of work ahead

Here is the reality. Wilson's sociobiology and Cattell's Beyondism are still hot to handle, but perhaps they are a bit easier now than in the 1980's. What makes the religious philosophy of the Theoevolutionary Church somewhat more palatable is that traditional religion is included in the Twofold Path along with ideas from sociobiology and Beyondism.

But the citizens have had limited education in the sociobiological perspective and they are filled with the controlled media dogma of relativism, hedonism and consumerism, so there remains a problem communicating with them about the TC.

And both religion and science have problems with our religious philosophy, because religion dislikes science and science dislikes religion, and we apply both together. Modern liberalism, being culturally Marxist, does not like our talk of the biological influences on social behavior.

So we have our work to do, several lifetimes of work. And we will of course need help from others, whether we work well with others or not. As Cattell pointed out, we are working with open democracies, we are not closed elites, we believe in voluntary behavior even though we affirm the natural reality of top-down leadership. It would seem that in a democracy we will need more citizenship education in sociobiology, which is slowly happening.

Our political “theology” should be easier to accept since we affirm light federalism and small states, or ethnostates, not unlike the original American Constitution. We love America and we are patriotic but we despise the imperialism that has corrupted us and threatens to destroy us.

It is all worth it if we can begin to turn humanity away from its suicidal behavior and toward evolving to Godhood out into the cosmos, which we believe is the natural and sacred direction of life.

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