Thursday, September 20, 2012

Patterns of reality in religious philosophy

We see with our brains much more than we process consciously, our brain's have learned to find the patterns that have meaning for the situation at hand and delete the things that have no meaning for the task.

Perhaps the more knowledge we have, the more patterns we have in our brains. Creative people perhaps don't delete as much of the information, or find more new or overlapping patterns. This may create more anxiety in creative people.

Some have looked for beautiful patterns as a guide to new mathematics and new science, but perhaps we are not always conscious of this preference. Religions and philosophies are elaborate patterns which fit together like a great puzzle, or a large symmetrical work.

The big question: what is the real pattern of the reality of the world and the cosmos, is it beautiful, or ugly, and how do we define beautiful and ugly? It is likely that our brains have not evolved enough to see the real full pattern of the world, but we are making progress.

I like it when the religious philosophy of the Theoevolutionary Church finds validity in other fields, even in non-related fields, the more connections, the more affirmations, the truer the idea or pattern seems to be. The Theological Materialism of the Twofold Path is such a synthesis bringing together the ancient world of religion, naturalism, modern science, politics and futurism.

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