Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Why I really don't like Hillary Clinton

First of all this is a woman whose mannerisms, speech and gestures are all phony. She is a bad B-movie actress. Then there is her political philosophy which is both culturally Marxist and neoconservative, which are bogus philosophies based in abstract ideas with no relationship to real human nature other than a greedy will to power. She and her husband, who also lies as he smiles, have transformed their Hippie leftist tendencies from the 60's into being intimate friends with Wall Street and the bankers, while claiming not to be. Then there is her feminism, which like all feminism (accept maybe Camille Paglia's version), has no basis in real biological human nature. And it is not gentlemanly to mention it but what does it say about Hillary's character that even when running for president! she doesn't have the personal discipline to lose the weight which is damaging her health and her appearance?

And Hillary is predicted to win! How messed up we are! Donald Trump is flawed but his instincts at least seem healthier than Hillary's. The people are just fed up with all of them.

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