Sunday, August 14, 2016

We have no choice if we want to live but to this way oppose the suicide of the West

The global elite and the cultural Marxists of political correctness gamble with great chutzpah---even at the edges of the life and death of the West---that they can control the destruction of the West and maintain their empire.

The United States has been waging continual warfare in the Muslim world. Why? The Arabs and Persians only want sell us their oil. We just don't want the disruption of the oil flow from the Middles East. It is Israel who they hate for invading their lands.

Meanwhile, internally we have the movement of open borders, multiculturalism, genderless-freedom, and ultra-tolerance of everything, which is promoted by the Global Elite, the Big Media, and the academic world.

I think the forces of national destruction are aware that if they close off legal objections to the destruction of the West some sort of illegal fascism will rise, which is probably what they want to happen because they believe they can control it, after years of propaganda against fascism.

But fascism doesn't work anyway over the long term, especially in the crowded world where many ethnic groups jockey to survive. What we need is a gradual movement toward ethnopluralism.

This is not a call for illegal radical revolution, which is what the enemy want us to do, but a call for the legal conservative return to the constitutional separation of powers and states. This time, as ethnic conflicts are increasing, we need real separation, that is, ethnostates designed for the freedom of distinctive ethnic cultures, protected with federalism.

That is the movement in line with real human nature, which remains kin-centered and group-selecting, and the only means to whatever long term peace and harmony is possible for human beings.

We have no choice if we want to live but to this way oppose the suicide of the West.

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