Monday, August 22, 2016

If we must have symbols

If theological materialism and the Theoevolutionary Church must have symbols, and I'm not sure that they do, then the circle stands for the Primordial Material, from which life springs, for all creation. The X or joined triangles is the Will-Spirit-Within the Primordial Material which activates It, but this symbol also relates to the Twofold Path, the symbolic Involutionary and real Evolutionary paths to Godhood. From the circle and cross evolves life all the way to Godhood, which is an ongoing evolution. Evolution is represented by the triangle pyramid, and Godhood is represented by the square. The variety of Gods is represented by the eight outside corners of the square and circle. All of the symbol sections are 12: twelve is the number of completion, which forms a whole, a harmonious unit, and corresponds to plenitude, the completion and integrality of a religion or philosophy or cosmos.

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