Sunday, August 28, 2016

Conservatism and Ethnopluralism

I believe human nature inevitably moves in the direction of ethnopluralism, because human nature is essentially kin and group or ethnic centered, in spite of political ideologies that ignore this basic human nature. The reality of human nature affirms traditional conservatism as ranking higher than libertarian individualism.

The nefarious political correctness and cultural Marxism that has captured our county will need to be overcome, which is no small task, but the increasing diversity of the demographics of the United States can actually help in moving us toward ethnostates.

The transformation of regions and states toward ethnostates and localism can happen without radical revolution. This change will happen radically and with many social disruptions if it does not happen legally and constitutionally.

This can happened in the United States due to the constitutional separation of powers and states. Even if a few amendments to the Constitution are necessary, revolution and civil war need to be avoided. I would have the radical revolutionaries actually read Burke and Kirk who proved, at least to me, that revolutionary change to longtime tradition based in real human nature does far more harm than good.

I consider myself a patriot, I love the Untied States, and I will defend it and its real traditions as we transform legally toward ethnopluralism, well protected by federalism.

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