Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Saving American philosophy and the American character

Social philosophers (eg. de Tocqueville) have said that an exaggerated individualism and centralization rises out of democracy (see Chronicles, August 2016, Chilton Williamson). But exaggerated individualism and centralization rise more deeply from the problem of universalism and spiritualism in traditional religious philosophy, which rejects material reality.

This does not doom religion, but it requires God and Godhood to be brought back to material and supermaterial reality. We evolve in the material world to supermaterial Godhood, and this is what brings the weaknesses of exaggerated individualism and centralization back to the reality of putting group-selection ahead of individualism. This also affirms the old American character in being materialist, hostile to authority, optimistic, and future-oriented.

Utopianism and idealism often reject tradition and history but the saving philosophy of theology materialism affirms religion and tradition while setting realistic religious and philosophical goals based in real human nature and real material evolution. Conservatism remains but includes steady evolution.

Individualism and democracy can be saved when given the deeper foundation of group-cooperation which is the main unit of successful selection. The constitutional separation of powers and states, at least in the U.S., can protect individualism and natural ethnic differences in states and regions that can gradually become ethnostates, protected by federalism, which affirms the deepest kin and group-selection existing within real human nature. I believe this is how we can save American philosophy and the American character---and Western character too. 

Globalism has already proven to be highly destructive to human life, so the sooner it ends the better. Cooperation between nations, ethnopluralism, and evolution work best with good borders well defended.

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