Thursday, August 11, 2016


Beneath the surface of the presidential election process, even beneath the battles between the Big Media left and neoconservative Fox News (which is much the same as neoliberalism), there also seems to be manipulation from different wings of the intelligence community, as well as interference from the intelligence services of other countries.

At first glance there seems to be a weakness in human nature in being flexible enough to be manipulated by selfish individuals and selfish groups. This also then looks like a weakness in the idea heard here often that human beings need to harmonize with real human nature in creating their social structures. But “flexibility” in human nature is not the same as “free.”

Since it is selfish individuals and selfish groups who try to manipulate us, this in fact affirms the basic kin and group-centeredness of human nature, which is instinctive, genetic, and includes especially those cultural Marxists who preach against selfishness or against group differences.

So we end up with the same grounded sociobiological idea that the best social and political structure needs to harmonize with real human nature, and real human nature is kin-centered with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection. Individuals or groups who try to manipulate us by destroying the idea of differences between people and ethnic cultures can be seen as following basic human nature in promoting their groups.

These manipulations are the basic obstacle to instinctive and rational ethnopluralism, with separate regions and states for separate and distinct ethnic cultures. These manipulations will need to be understood and overcome if we are to have long term social peace. Ethnopluralism can be accommodated by the fact that America, at least on paper, has a constitutional separation of powers and states---so radical revolution can be avoided.

In spite of these manipulations, Donald Trump still takes us in a more natural direction in line with real human nature than Hillary and her phony cabal.

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