Saturday, August 06, 2016

The airy nothing of naming

It is not really true that “ the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper names,” as Confucius said. The beginning of wisdom is to center on the thing rather than the name of the thing. The “permanence,” “idealism,” and "spiritualism ” of names and ideas has been a falsehood perpetuated by centering on the names of things rather than the thing-itself, religious gurus and philosophers from the Vedas to Plato, Aquinas, Kant and Heidegger have perpetuated this falsehood.

The thing-itself in both religion and philosophy has been mistaken for a name or symbol only. This led to the apotheosis of naming when God was given a spiritual-only, non-material name, or idea, or symbol, and not seen as a living or future living material/supermaterial object or objects. This does not mean that God is rejected, it means that the name of Godhood needs to be transformed from a mere spiritual name or idea into a living or future material/supermaterial living thing, object, or  objects.

This describes the basic foundation of the religion, philosophy, ontology and epistemology of theological materialism, which can bring together religion, philosophy, science and politics again.

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