Friday, August 19, 2016

Why are all our pop stars barbarians?

Two main reasons: owners and managers of the pop media promote tradition-destroying barbarianism, and the owners and performers tend to actually be barbarians.

Contrary to political correctness “stereotypes” tend to not only be true but are based on deep genetic traits. “Let's party!” contrasted with the Protestant work ethic are ethnic dispositions and not merely media propaganda. One of these dispositions isn't “better” than the other, they are just different traits which developed and evolved in different hot or cold environments.

Problems come when the “Don't worry be happy” social philosophy of pop culture tries to dominate multiculturalism. For example, every one from the baby to grandma are now unrestrainedly dancing in television commercials, or trying to dance if they are white--which adds the little ideological bonus of making whites look ridiculous. Even country music now has its twangy version of rap. And Taylor Swift parties like Beyonce.

Northern Europeans tend to be more introverted than southern Europeans and Africans, who are more extroverted, and both naturally feel uncomfortable with each others disposition. 

Most of the social, cultural and political problems we have---which are now causing increasing violence in our streets---come from the different dispositions and traits of different ethnic groups trying to live multicultural within the same space, with barbarian music playing above it all.

This leads to what has become one of the main themes of this blog: Culture works most harmoniously when it reflects the people who create the culture. Ethnic characteristics make culture and ideology. And so I advocate ethnopluralism, even within the United States, with the constitutional separation powers and states designed for ethnic cultures, and protected by federalism. This can happen gradually, revolution is not necessary.

Then we can work, or party, which ever turns us on, in our own space.

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