Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Let human nature have its natural political structure

We have had hopeless attempts to solve the problem of ethnic differences by trying to create no ethnic differences. Europe and America are splitting apart today more than ever mainly due to ethnic differences, after years of forced assimilation.

So let them split apart! Let human nature have its natural political structure! In the U.S. the constitutional separation of powers and states could even accommodate such a change! Modern politics has moved directly against ethnopluralism and against fundamental human nature, which has caused many social disruptions.

I always ask who is against this view of human nature and politics? They are the enemies of human nature, stability, as well as evolutionary progress. Ironically (and nefariously) those who are against ethnopluralism usually affirm their own ethnocentrism within the assimilating cultures they propose or force upon us.

It has been difficult for the movers and shakers of the modern world to accept that not culture but genes are the foundation of human nature, and therefore the foundation of nations. Genes make culture and culture can change genes. Ideas such as universalism, equality, and of course Marxism, come mainly from this misunderstanding.

Real human nature remains kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection, and with this sociobiological knowledge we arrive at ethnopluralism as the sane, reasonable and natural political structure.

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