Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yes We Can Civilize The Beast

“War is no argument against the necessity of inter-group competitive agreement.”   (Raymond Cattell)

Can we continue to have inter-group competition as long as there is no risk in international competition of the destruction of the human species, or is this a naive hope?

It better be more than a naive hope, and we better be able to civilize the beast, even if in human history there has been only an all-out competition between groups, with sheer force very often being the rule.

We need to civilize this beast because competition is, as Raymond Cattell put it, the most efficient basis for evolution, for improving group structure, technical advancement, inter-individual ethics, and improving with-in group altruism.

The human species is capable of this cooperative competition, for example, with global ethnostates and with light federalism holding things together, protecting the evolution of all people, in civilized variety and competition, as we evolve toward Godhood.

If one group conquers through sheer force, instituting a uniform culture, the great benefits of competitive variety among groups will be lost, and evolution would stop or be halted. In any case imperialism always breaks back down to nations and ethnostates.

Even if, unfortunately, the reality of power, military or political power, transcends cooperative competition, the final structure needs to be a federation of states, and not imperialism and supremacy--- for the reasons just given. The Theoevolutionary Church could affirm this geopolitical structure and would help ethically guide the upward direction of evolution to Godhood for all people, with the bonding strength of religion.

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