Monday, January 16, 2012

Involution and Evolution in the Twofold Path

The “integral vision” of Ken Wilber (and the Revealed Religions before him) have us tapping into the various states and stages of consciousness, eg. waking, dreaming, deep sleep, to find answers for living our lives. This is involution, not the evolution that is claimed by Wilber. Involution can lead, at its zenith, to knowledge or the experience of the God-Within, but involution does not lead to the God-Without reached through material and supermaterial evolution.

The Twofold Path brings evolution not involution forward as the real path to real Godhood, the Godhood first seen in the involutionary path to the God Within, which is only a mirror image of real Godhood attained through material and supermaterial evolution. Involution is only one half of the complete religious worldview. The Theoevolutionary Church follows both paths.

Involution really goes “nowhere” although in the religious sense it leads to the great somewhere of the God-Within. But it should be understood that involution requires blocking or dissipating the very evolutionary path that leads to real Godhood. The balance between these is found in the Twofold Path.

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