Friday, January 20, 2012

Problems with Ken Wilber's psychograph

Wilber's “psychograph” compares types of intelligences: cognitive, interpersonal, psychosexual, emotions and moral, with how developed these intelligences are in relation to his three “stages” of development: egocentric, ethnocentric and world-centric. “World-centric” is the highest stage that the various intelligences must reach, or aspire to, according to Wilber.

Problems with this psychograph, and problems in Wilber's psycho-religio-socio-philosophy, derive from problems in defining or accepting real human nature, as defined correctly by sociobiology and naturalism. Human nature is weakest at the world-centric stage and strongest at the egocentric-ethnocentric stage, as the result of thousands of years of successful evolution, and the attempt to religiously or socially circumvent these traits of human nature is archaic and misguided.

Real human nature is not evil and the attempt to redefine the weakest bonds of human nature as the strongest bonds does not work for long, as social structures always fall back into harmony with actual human nature. The world-centric Soviet political philosophy snapped back into ethnostates after only 70 years, which included the severe indoctrination of its people in the world-centric vision.

Wilber nevertheless defines the “spiritual” world-centric vision as the highest spiritual stage and the material ethnocentric stage as one of the least desired. This follows the standard religious blockade of the material world in order to follow the Involutionary Inward Path to the God-Within. Wilber's philosophy is centered on the Inward Path, all human nature is stretched and biased toward this Inward Goal.

What is missed and blocked in these kind of spiritual blockades is the Evolutionary Outward Path to Real Godhood, the God first seen in the Inward Path. The material and supermaterial world need to be unblocked so that they may emerge from the exclusively Inward God, which is the precursor to Real Godhood. All human nature does not have to be blocked or biased in the Outward Path to True Godhood.

In the Theoevolutionary Church, religion, psychology, philosophy and social doctrine are brought back in harmony with real human nature and the natural world. Out of the Inward Path to the God-Within emerges the Outward Path to Godhood Without, out of philosophical naturalism emerges theological materialism. And the Inward Path can be retained in this Twofold Path. Human nature and religion become harmonious with the natural world.

A wide variety of small states, or ethnostates, protected with a light federalism, allows real human nature to advance and flourish, as the human species evolves in variety to Godhood. Indeed, the world-centric vision is required at the farthest and weakest end of human bonding to keep the human species from destroying itself, while cooperative competition is seriously pursued. Supremacy, imperialism and the suppression of real human nature is discouraged, and the blocking of evolution to Godhood is unblocked. Refinement or sublimation of the Inward God is pursued, not blockage or suppression, as we civilize the beast of unconscious evolution toward conscious material and supermaterial evolution to Real Godhood.

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