Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why We Affirm Free Enterprise and Competition

If we ask how competitive different groups should be, the basic answer is as long as there is no risk of destruction of the human species, competition can go forward. There should also be restrictions on big nations turning on small nations and devouring them. And populated nations should not be allowed to ship there surplus populations to another nation. But the most important restriction on competition is the risk of destruction of the world of nations and groups.

As social psychologist Raymond Cattell said, competition is the best way to improve group structure, to advance technology, to improve the ethics of the group in altruism toward the survival of the group. Each group needs to receive the consequences of its own actions for positive natural selection to take place. Cattell rightly wanted to avoid what he called the “Hedonic Pact,” an agreement to abolish all competition in order to enjoy a hedonistic life style. This would stop evolution. This means we avoid totalitarian imperialism and one-people supremacy, which bring no competition and fusion of all cultures into one mediocre culture.

Above all, we must not stop evolution which leads to the purpose for our being here, to evolve to Godhood.

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