Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Deluding Maze

Word games, number games, played earnestly by initiates into the Revealed Religions, and into their occult level counterparts, were the forerunners of those modern philosophers who rate words, definitions and denotations far above the actual objects described.

It's a self-deluding game, a truth-deluding game, serious as it is played, in which Truth and Godhood are reduced to virtually nothing, or to a sacred word or a mathematical equation.  But true to sociobiology, the deluders derive power from the delusions, unconsciously or consciously.

The material world disappears or is greatly devalued in the minds of the diviner-intellectuals. Real Supermaterial Godhood and the Path of evolution to that Godhood is completely lost in the maze.

It is now time to unblock this Great Spiritual Blockade against evolving to Real Godhood in the cosmos.

The Twofold Path is the way to reconcile the Involutionary Inward Path, which has turned into a deluding maze, and the Evolutionary Outward Path, which unblocks the maze leading to life evolving to the Real Supermaterial Object Godhood.  The Outward Path has emerged from the Inward Path retaining the old in the new, ending the Great Mystic War.

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