Monday, January 09, 2012


Once again Chris Mathews called Mitt Romney a “phony” on “Morning Joe,” which is funny because Chris is the real phony, thinking of himself as some sort of clever fist-fighter from Philadelphia when he is really a weak, loudmouth, liberal journalist with authority problems.

Not that I approve of Romney who, like Ron Paul more or less, calls for unregulated markets, which is like having a city without a police force. At least Ron Paul has the courage to stand up to the neoconservatives who never saw a war they didn't like, whereas Romney loves the neos.

We really need someone like Pat Buchanan, who unfortunately has been crucified for speaking hard truths to the borderless globalists, and to Israel. We need to go back to the original economic nationalism with free enterprise, we need to decentralize, we need to give the power back to the states, as the Constitution intended, and we need to seriously protect our borders.

Will this happen? Yes, either by choice or by picking up the pieces after the globalists ruin the world.

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