Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Worldview

Raymond Cattell pointed out that the ethical behavior of people in small states is different from the ethical behavior of a federation of small states, and ethical behavior between nations is different than small states and federations. Most of human history was a fierce no-holds-barred battle for dominance among different groups with no mercy and no real cooperation between groups.

The good possibility of the whole human species being destroyed, determined the need for some sort of cooperation between groups. If one group is merciful and the other group is not, the unmerciful group can have the advance. Small states need to remain as independent and self-sufficient as possible, with their own unique ethical standards based on their own survival needs. But cooperation regarding weapons of world destruction, environmental pollution, depleting of natural resources, etc., needs to be affirmed.

This does not define an egalitarian world but a cooperatively competitive world. The Theoevolutionary Church (TC) projects the human species evolving forward and upward to Godhood, and TC favors groups and states who advance the human species in evolution, but no one group is given supremacy or hegemony over any other, all groups are affirmed in their individual paths toward Godhood. Independent feedback and the results and consequences of their own behavior is vital to retain within the states in this process. Evolutionary knowledge is shared as the Church becomes not only the ethical guide to Godhood for all, but as Cattell also imagined for his Beyondism, TC becomes a sociobiological research center for all groups, all nations, in the great mission of evolving to Godhood.

While we agree that evolution is the prime process in the universe, unlike Beyondism we add the vital dynamic of a divine urge in evolution, seen in man through the Spirit-Within, or the Will To Godhood, which works along with natural evolution. We also add that there is a Primary Goal to evolution, which is Godhood. The TC does not launch itself out on a goalless adventure of evolution, as Beyondism tends to do; our goal is to evolve to Godhood, the Godhood which was first glimpsed in history, and prehistory, through contact with the God-Within of traditional religions.  TC this way includes traditional religion, unlike Beyondism, in the Twofold Path.  Revitalized-Conservatism  affirms Ordered Evolution

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