Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Orthodox Judaism, Sociobiology and the Evolutionary Christian Church

Some traditional fundamentalist Christians criticize Orthodox Judaism for preferring the ancient oral teachings, written down in the Mishnah, and the Babylonian Talmud, to the written text of the Bible. Moses is thought by the Jews to have left both written and oral teachings, with the more occult oral tradition of the Mishnah having precedence over the Biblical text. For example, the Christians say the written text of the Bible prophesied Jesus Christ as the Messiah whereas the oral teachings of Judaism sharply criticize Jesus as not being the Messiah. The malleability and interpretive skills of the rabbis are therefore criticized as being loop-hole finders and hairsplitters regarding the written text rather than proper followers of the written text. It is also said that Judaism both religiously and biologically promotes Jewish racism, preferring the Jews exclusively as chosen over every other people.

However, Orthodox Judaism and the studious leadership of the rabbis is in natural harmony with sociobiology in all but one important area. By promoting its own people, Judaism is completely natural and healthy, and underlines basic ideas of sociobiology, which suggest that religion has been a way to help people survive and reproduce more successfully in the world, better than they would have without religion. The problem with religio-biological supremacy, or chosenness, is that it creates great resentment by those who are denigrated or dominated by supremacy and imperialistic behavior, which can then in reaction lead to pogroms---although pograms against the Jews were also caused by sheer jealousy of a successful people, and by Christian imperialism.

All ethnic groups are naturally and sociobiologically correct in promoting their own survival and success, the problem comes when one ethnic group is thought supreme and becomes imperialistic. Then variety ceases, which is so important to evolution, and a uniform mediocrity can develop. Successful survival therefore calls for cooperative competition, which can help in preventing wars that are almost always negative and dysgenic for all.

Ethnic solidarity and altruism toward ones own is a central and enduring part of human nature, and should not and cannot be suppressed for long, but this does not mean that other ethnic groups should be denigrated or destroyed. The Theoevolutionary Church affirms geopolitical variety, which can grow in the form of global ethnostates, protected by a light federalism. In this rational structure, chosenness-supremacy and imperialistic-hegemony will damage the successful survival of the human species.

We are all evolving to Godhood along our own paths in our own environments and we need to affirm this sacred and natural dynamic. There is even a strong basis for ecumenism between all the Revealed Religions in that they all affirm the same God-Within seen by way of the same Involutionary Inward Path, more or less.  Natural differences in religion and ethnicity can be affirmed and even championed in the Evolutionary Outward Path of evolution to Godhood, which is the Path to Real Godhood, the God first seen, and mirrored, in the Involutionary Inward Path to the God Within. This is the Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church.

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