Saturday, December 03, 2011

Why do adults no longer act like adults?

This question leads to another questions: how do you define adult?

Traditionally an adult was more or less defined as someone who followed such religious virtues as mutual love and self-sacrifice for the greater good. These values have been eroding faster than ever before. The teenagers of the hedonistic 1960's became parents who still smoke marijuana on weekends, and go to church, if at all, only on special holidays.

In a very short time the hedonism of the 1960's became the narcissism of reality shows and the arrested development of hip hop, which were strongly promoted by the media. When television or the movies do make little token bows to morality it is usually the values of cultural Marxism that are promoted, which try to impose political correctness with little resemblance to real human nature.

How did religious values erode so quickly? The popular media and the academic world have become increasingly anti-religion and specifically anti-Christian in the West. Christian religious values are virtually seen as the enemy in most movies and television shows. And the academic world continues to propagandize our children with cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxism includes not only the censorship of political correctness but the destruction of family, male against female, a culture of victimhood, class against class, debasement of privacy, concentration of power in big government, power to a Marxist elite, and on and on and on.

I hold the media and the academic world mainly responsible for why adults no longer act like adults. Parents are no match for the destruction of morals and values by the popular media and the academic world. We see the proof of this all around us.

What can we do about it? We need to take back the media and the academic world by breaking up their monopolies and by decentralizing to small states---that is, multiple small states and regions, each with their own ethic flavor, which relates to true human nature, unlike the futile attempts at multi-culturalism within one universal state (which is mostly anti-white-Christian). This is not an easy task now, but it may one day be like pushing down a rotten door. The foundation for independent small states and regions even exists basically in the original Constitution of the United States.

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