Monday, December 19, 2011

The decline of nations can be averted by decentralizing

One could almost believe that man is not adapted to altruism, given his many selfish passions, but completely contrary to the Randian neoconservatives, man and other primates do have strong natural impulses and passions toward altruism, being protective and sacrificial and even tender toward kin and group, as Raymond Cattell, E.O.Wilson and others have pointed out. Altruism worked fairly well for thousands of years when groups were small, but with huge modern nations altruism does not work so well, allowing selfish individuals and even sociopaths to come forward.

The qualities of altruism are, and can be, both biologically and culturally transmitted. Small states allowed to be different, and well protected by a light federalism, need to be affirmed if we want to have the civilizing influence of altruism. The decline of nations can be averted by decentralizing and allowing natural altruism to come forward and be affirmed, biologically and culturally.  The unreality and unnaturalness of other political systems needs to be exposed. 

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