Monday, December 26, 2011

The transcendental needs to be seen through evolution

The transcendental needs to be seen through evolution, not through the disappearance of the living object.

The poet William Carlos Williams had a poetic credo of no ideas except in things.  This can be applied to theology and philosophy, which get lost in abstractions and definitions, that is, no Gods except in supreme supermaterial objects.

The mirror image is not as important as the object mirrored. This seems to transvalue much of theology and philosophy, which stem from a basic rejection of material things in favor of immaterial things.

Godhood is supremely evolved to from living material objects to supreme living supermaterial objects. 

Traditional religion has seen Godhood mirrored inwardly, now it is time to evolve to real Godhood outwardly, while retaining the first inward vision.

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