Monday, December 05, 2011

Negative Change Exploited

A wise old politically incorrect idea says that as the ethnic group changes the culture changes, whereas cultural Marxism--the brainwashing of the modern world--says that culture creates people and people are infinitely malleable by culture.

How it really works is that genetic patterns affect the acceptance of culture, and cultural patterns help mold genetic pools. As Raymond Cattell and Edward O. Wilson said, ethical laws can be seen as a hierarchy of object loyalties, moving from strong ethics for a specific group to weaker universal ethics.

The latest nefarious scheme by Senator Chuck Schumer and his cohorts is to allow visitor visas for all foreigners from anywhere as long as they agree to buy a home in America. It looks like it may pass in the Congress. The financial world likes it too because their ruling ethic is that greed is good.

This is depressing as well as dangerous.  Paleoconservatives seem powerless to change things at this time. We are to have a nation ruled by people who exploit the polyglot nation that they create, at least until it falls apart from its own multiculturalism.

But people always eventually return to small states and regions bonded by ethical-cultural solidarity, where real evolutionary change happens. Let us make sure that the original United States Constitution is there to pick up the pieces, with independent states protected by a light federalism. It may not be pretty getting from here to there.

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