Monday, December 12, 2011

Everyone wants to be affiliated with the original religious source

It's frustrating, although kind of fun, to speculate on the origin of religions.

For example, Moses seems to have left a mystery oral tradition, along with the written testament, which included the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, from which Moses was an initiate.  This ancient oral tradition was carried on by rabbis, and wasn't written down until later, after the death of Christ. And these Egyptian mysteries were also connected to the Ancient Sumerian mysteries from which they may have derived.

The mysteries were supposedly then carried to Greece, where the truths of Plato, according to the Neoplatonists, were based on occult Pythagorean mysteries from Egypt.

But then a similar mystery tradition is found in the East in Ancient India, as old or older that the Egyptian, from which the Egyptian religion may have derived, or vice versa. This Indian/Persian tradition traces the mystery back to “Hyperboria,” an ancient home in the north.

Some think primitive stone age men were handed the mysteries by visiting extra terrestrial beings. It is thought that there are at least ten million intelligent civilizations in our galaxy alone.

I hypothesize that the mysteries originally derived from one of the migrating waves of Cro Magnons  arriving in places like Ancient Sumer, and Eurasia, which could tie in with the Hyperborian myth and ancient anthropological prehistory.

Will we ever know for sure? Bias comes in where sacred religions or ethnic origins are involved, especially when they are thought to come from God Himself.  Everyone wants to be affiliated with the original religious source.

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