Thursday, December 01, 2011

On Ethnicity

We all need to abandon hatred of other ethnic groups, there are no bad or good groups, there is only good and bad social strategies for living with ethnic groups.

It is vitally important to see human nature as it really is, basic human nature cannot be bypassed without paying a heavy price. Ethnic groups are important, love of ones own people is deeply ingrained in human nature, and this can be universally affirmed.

When imperialism and supremacy place divinity on any one people it is the cause of many problems. We are all evolving to divinity and none of us have yet reached divinity. It is not ethnicity that is evil, it is imperialism and supremacy that are the true enemy.

Group selection is universally seen at the origin of ethics and morality, creating such universal virtues as mutual love and self-sacrifice, which allowed groups to survive in a difficult world. Different ethnic groups have different cultural strategies, and these differences can be accommodated in small states protected by a light federalism, and guided in evolution, voluntarily, by the Church.

Wars are usually fought to regain an ethnic sovereignty which was taken away by imperialism or supremacy.  Imperialism always breaks apart. War is dysgenic and stops Ordered Evolution. Groups can learn survival and evolutionary strategies from one another. Our survival on earth now probably depends on this civilized behavior.

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