Monday, January 06, 2020

Thoughts on war and the need for a deeper realism

Raymond Cattell's best argument against war was that when regarding evolutionary ends it is the quality rather than the size of the group that should be the basis for natural selection.

This for me underlines the realist position on war (see Barry Posen) regarding the strategic position of the U.S. The U.S. is enormously powerful, geography favors the the U.S. due to ocean barriers and relativity weak neighbors, and we will best procure our security with a transition back to realism, and away from both the liberal and neoconservative idea of hegemony in the world, which tries to maintain a unipolar world dominance that does not seriously take into account ethnic/racial, national, religious, and identity politics, which are the most powerfully human instincts against a unipolar world.

The neoconservatives and liberals (and even some religious  conservatives ) have taken the Hellenized position of a universal elite who think ideas can transcend tribes, cultures and epics, but this never works well. Like Rome, America is, or used to be, too pragmatic for the idealism of Greek philosophy, we wanted to build roads more than philosophy. People create ideas, ideas then reflect the biological traits and needs of the people.

We need to build more than roads, philosophy needs to get back to philosophical naturalism. I believe traditional religion also needs to affirm theological materialism. We are realistically evolving to Godhood in the material and supermaterial world and we need long term realistic strategies to do so. Wars of hegemony in the world are to be avoided. We need to take into account ethnic, national, religious, and identity politics, which are the most powerfully instincts against a unipolar world. Ethnic or racial imperialism needs to eventually give way to ethnopluralism, with regions and states set aside for ethnic/racial cultures, protected from marauding imperialists, supremacists, and global money grubbers, by a light federalism.  This could legally be accomplished by adapting the U.S. constitutional separation of powers and states to an ethnopluralism of ethnostates.

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