Friday, January 24, 2020

The swamping of the global north by the global south and what to do about it

Population fertility rates comparing the global south and the global north (Philip Jenkins, Chronicles, June 2019) tell us that Muslim populations went from representing 13 percent of the global population in 1946 to 25 percent of global population today, from 40 million people to at least 500 million today, and that is mainly from states marked by poverty. The African population has grown fivefold since 1946, and they are migrating north. Meanwhile Western white birth rates are stagnating and whites are dying faster than being born.

No wonder populist nationalism and ethnic identity politics have risen in the West! Western people naturally want to live not die, even as the brain-washed and suicidal liberal-left seek to destroy populist nationalism and ethnic identity politics.

How did this happen? Was Christianity the only movement encouraging Western whites to have babies? It seems so, but the Hollywood/New York/Washington media was also responsible for the war against traditional values and morals in America. And modern technology gradually took away the importance of having babies as the traditional gender roles of women and men changed (even though biological gender differences did not change) making it possible for either gender to push the buttons on missiles or robot vacuum cleaners.

Can we hope only for more people to become populist-nationalists in the face of a powerful media and the liberal left which hates populist-nationalists and hates all "deplorables" living between the East and West coast in America? How will we deal with the demographic changes in America when we know that as the demographics change the culture changes?

If real kin and ethnic-centered human nature is allowed to be what it is, it naturally leads to regionalism, localism, ethnostates, and finally an ethnopluralism of ethnostates. In the U. S. this could be accomplished by adapting the U.S. constitutional separation of powers and states to an ethnopluralism of ethnostates. All elements of the changed demographics in America could then be what they naturally are in ethnostates---and they will need to be protected from marauding imperialists, supremacists, global money grubbers, and the migrating global south, with a very defensive federalism.

I think the defense of the global north by populist nationalism and ethnic identity politics, along with the rise of ethnostates, will continue to grow, if we can keep from being utterly destroyed by the actions and influence of the liberal-left, the Hollywood/New York/Washington media, and the phony neoconservatives.

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