Saturday, January 04, 2020

Speculation on Tirips and primal beginnings and endings

The “first cause” could be the material activation within life, Tirips, or the will-to-Godhood activating material life, and then life is shaped by the vagaries of natural selection and evolution. This activation is not confined to biological life, it happens with prebiological life, chemicals, even in big bang beginnings, etc. I do not see a final cause, I see endless evolution toward higher and higher truth, intelligence, beauty, and goodness, that is, continually evolving ascending Godhoods are reached. Life can also fall back in devolution, new cosmos are formed again, always giving life another chance to evolve to Godhood.

This suggests that the “essence” of life is Tirips or the will-to-Godhood within material life.  Tirips is the “God-Instinct” (rather than the "soul") and is the highest of all the material  instincts, higher even than the conscious brain which the activation of Tirips helps develop. Tirips has been concealed under the superficial polish of civilization. We need to go back and allow Tirips or the will-to-Godhood to develop and evolve. Science needs to discover and define Tirips.

This suggests that Tirips is “rational,” within the bounds of reason, not irrational like Nietzsche's power-seeking Dionysus. Tirips could be a form of divine consciousness since it "knows" to seek Godhood by activating material life to evolve to Godhood.  But Tirips is not Godhood, it seeks Godhood and is shaped by the vagaries of outside natural selection and evolution

Human consciousness develops in the brains of humans which the materially-life-activating Tirips first helps develop along with outside natural selection and evolution. The Tirips theory of history says that the outer events of material life are the result of the activation of the usually unconsciousness inward Tirips or will-to-Godhood, and then is shaped by evolution from the outside, all the way from big bangs or electric universes to human civilization and beyond.

This resembles the way intellectual intuition is often followed by empirical science, that is, Tirips or the will-to-Godhood decides where it wants to go first, to Godhood, and then the body, mind and culture, and outside evolution, follow as best they can, given the various environments life finds itself living in.

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