Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Adapting St. Thomas to the biological origin of social behavior

Choice is not concerned with the end, but only with the means leading to the end.”

Anything toward which we stride naturally is not subject to free will.”

Man necessarily desires everything on account of the last end.”

One wills the end, the reason determines on the means leading to the end.”

(from Pieper's “The Wisdom of St. Thomas”)

My response: What is the direction of life? Does anything direct life? Life is activated from within by the material Will-To-Godhood, or Tirips, working with outside natural selection and evolution. Defining Godhood needs to be revitalized outwardly from its exclusive ascetic inwardness: we evolve to Godhood by way of material and supermaterial evolution. God was at first seen only inwardly as the symbolic ascetic bliss experience of the God or Father Within. Nietzsche's death of God is denied when religion and culture are brought back to biology, back to real morality, which develops by way of survival and reproductive concerns, with conscious evolution now added to unconscious evolution. This suggests the ordered evolution of conservatism, a better term than “ordered liberty.”

With biology and evolution in the picture, altruism and morality are not the evil Nietzsche thought they were. It is true, as Cattell said, that other than a little borrowing from other cultures, it is innovative individuals who are mainly the creators of culture, and the general population tends to genetically and culturally lag behind. But even supermen do not survive long without group values and group altruism---which applies to all ethnic groups. Evolutionary values are activated by the largely un-free inward direction of life, while being shaped by outside natural selection and evolution, always moving toward ascending levels of Godhood, with starts and stops along the way.

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