Sunday, August 02, 2015

Why individualism is secondary to altruism

There is of course an important place for individualism, that is, individual creativity and individual genius, which can lead to great social (while not condoning anti-social) innovations, but individualism needs to be understood as secondary to the altruism of group morality and group selection, and this can be affirmed by both religion and the science of sociobiology.

Traditional religious virtues and morals tend to be altruistic, that is, “unselfish” interest in the welfare of others, but altruism is also based in the selfish advantage individuals receive from helping the group. Genetic and sociobiological studies have affirmed this.

The dilemma is that the individualism of many conservatives goes against the altruistic virtues of their own religion. Ironically, altruism is affirmed by the sociobiological sciences which religion has not much approved of.

But an important point here is that altruism is based in the preference for ones kin, and ones ethnic group, who can successful help carry ones own related genes forward---so individualism goes against this element of social life as well.

This is why an ethnopluralism of ethnostates (which could be done legally in the separate regions and states of the United States Constitution) is more natural and even more traditional than the hyper-individualism of libertarianism, which has led to marauding, greedy, antisocial, one-percent, global corporations (backed by the so-called neoconservatives), who have all but destroyed the West.

As unchecked immigration completely changes America into competing ethnic factions, ethnopluralism will be the natural solution to future cultural and civil war, if we can do it---backed up by traditionally bonded altruism.

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