Monday, August 24, 2015

Organic intelligence over machine intelligence

The transhumanists are in too much of a hurry to enhance machine intelligence. They claim that they don't want to wait for the slower path of eugenics and selective breeding to enhance overall intelligence, which could take many generations, (unless selection was very strong.) Even genetic engineering and neurobiology are too slow for them. So they want to develop machine intelligence, machine-human melds, and so on, which is vastly faster than developing organic intelligence. The speed of electronic components operate at a time-scale millions of times shorter than biological neurons, as Nick Bostrom has brilliantly pointed out.

Transhumanists rarely mention that eugenics is thoroughly politically incorrect at this time and machine intelligence is easier to sell. But the danger of machine's becoming vastly more intelligent than we are is great---we could be shunted aside as intelligence machines with their own wills to power turn the whole world into solar panels for their own energy use.

I would affirm the full development of genetic technologies, even selecting traits at the level of embryos, gene sequencing, etc, which could give a wider amount of selection power to couples. But I believe we also need to continue the cultural and political affirmation of evolution toward higher organic intelligence, while also selecting traits of health, personalty, beauty and athleticism. This biological path is slower than machine intelligence but more conservative and much safer than machine intelligence. Machine intelligent can be an aid in human biological evolution but should never be the sole area of advancing evolution.

Readers of this blog know there is the more important religious purpose in affirming the evolution of life toward Godhood, the Godhood first seen only inwardly and symbolically in traditional religions, which is examined in theological materialism. The sacred purpose of life itself is not merely to develop machine intelligence while neglecting or even blocking organic evolution toward real Godhood.

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