Monday, August 10, 2015

The spiritual is supermaterial

Theologians, philosophers and intellectual's tend to think of people as aids to principles and truths rather than the other way around. It is the living object, the living substance which comes first, not the definition or symbol of the living object. That is not to say that definitions and symbols are unimportant, but they are only aids to living.

Theologians and  philosopher's lose touch with real life, real living, real people, and trans-value real living to the symbolic-spiritual. It is supermaterialism not spiritualism which retains the highest ideals and real goals of religion and philosophy, and this brings religion and philosophy out of unreality and nothingness. Godhood is a living object or objects which we evolve to become in the material and supermaterial world, if we are successful in survival and evolution.

Theological materialism can bring religion and science together, where they belong. The spiritual is supermaterial. The material is not satanic and the spiritual is not godly. This means that occult, esoteric, initiations and holy wars of duality are foolish but dangerous. The Gordian knot need not be unraveled, just ignored, or cut with one swipe. The old intellectual battles between religion, philosophy and science are not necessary and are even harmful to the path of our sacred evolution, which is the real mystery and mission we can address.

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