Friday, August 28, 2015

Why the capitalist world is not wise about its own future

Supposedly the capitalist world cares primarily (often only) for making money, and now most of the capitalist world supports such modern liberal causes as gay marriage, border-freedom, tax-free exports/imports, no censorship, etc, etc, because these things are now supported by future customers between the ages of 18 and 34. But since these liberal causes do ultimately destroy the societies and nations which the capitalist world wants to do business with, one would think the concern with making money in the long-term would reject modern liberal causes and support a more long-term conservative order. But the hyper-individualist libertarian philosophy supports or rationalizes this short-term thinking.

So we can conclude that the capitalist world is short-term thinking and unwise about its own future. Individualism is important and can be very creative, but group-selection is and always has been the primary unit of human selection. Even the billionaire needs the group and a healthy nation to survive and prosper---certainly his descendants will in the long-term. “Duty” toward the people and the nation is directly related to group-selection, so it makes trans-valued sense that the libertarian Randians hate the concept of duty and worship selfish individualism. This is a major mistake which has led to the selfish, marauding, imperial sort of globalism we now see. The end-goal of successful survival for the group, including the individual, determines the means of duty and group-morality, which both Kant's duty-as-no-reward-thinking, and Ayn Rand's hyper-individualistic selfishness seem to have missed.

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