Saturday, August 22, 2015

Nature, Truth and Godhood

We start from the base that material existence exists, this is a primordial reality, and it is absurd to reject it. To deny existence is like a monkey believing the world has disappeared when he puts his hands over his eyes. But philosophers have seriously played this game.

“Truth” is not only an abstract concept, truth depends on nature's existence or on life to see it or define it. It is the objects of nature that are defined as truth. Without existence and nature, truth is not fully defined.

But the reality of nature exists whether we see it or understand it or not. We perceive reality with our senses, as other animals do, but then humans developed reason, logic, science, intuition, etc. to help us grasp as much of reality as we can with whatever abilities we have.

Moving forward we can predict a supermaterial existence of real, living, evolved, objects, which are arrived at through material and supermaterial evolution, from the simple to the complex, or to a highly refined simplicity.

Man is not an end in himself, the material life that is in man seeks supermaterial Godhood, which is the zenith of success in evolution. Godhood is not merely a defining sacred word or abstract spiritual concept to worship. Secondary or even absolute truths only define living objects, and the zenith of evolved living objects, and the zenith of truth, is Godhood.

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